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Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

This bond is characterized by emotions such as affection and trust. Any two people who spend time together may form a bond. Anime has produced some of the most romantic and heartbreaking relationships in animation history.

Anime is a medium that stretches across different genres and demographics. The most popular anime in the world range from battle shonen to psychological thrillers. But regardless of the genre, most anime indulge in familiar tropes and subplots.

10. Bakuman: Takagi And Kaya Are Middle School Sweethearts

Bakuman: Takagi And Kaya Are Middle School Sweethearts

Bakuman is a unique addition to the Shonen Jump lineup as a competitive, battle shonen story about the creation of battle shonen manga. It depicts the artistic duo responsible for creating Death Note in a fictionalized setting where the two compete with another mangaka to become the highest-selling and most successful artists in Shonen Jump.

But no shonen anime would be complete without a bit of romance. Bakuman’s healthiest couple is Takagi and Kaya. Sweethearts since middle school, the two struggled at times but never forgot their love for each other and stuck it out to the very end.

9. Naruto and Hinata : Naruto shippudin

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

This love story is the tail of a unique love story. In the beginning arcs, our protagonist which is naruto has a crush on Sakura. So what exactly happen Did naruto fall in love with Hinata?

The Last: Naruto the Movie does a great job of showing how his feelings change from friendship to love. It was a masterpiece. It’s the only one that develops the overall storyline. That’s why Out of all the Naruto movies that I’ve seen (I’ve seen all of them), I rank this one the highest on the list.

8. Death Note: Light And Misa Are A True Power Couple

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple
Light And Misa

The term “best” can mean a lot of different things. While anime’s best couples are pairs that fans find touching and emotionally fulfilling, some couples become iconic for how troublesome they are. Light and Misa may be the villains of their story, but they form a problematic duo that managed to shake up the entire world.

And that’s the reason we as an audience love them.

7. Your name : Mitsuha and Taki

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

One of the most heartbreaking lies in anime comes from the anime movie Your Name. The story follows two teenagers, Mitsuha and Taki, who are basically soul mates in the most literal way: they both wake up inside each other’s bodies at seemingly random times, and it all comes off as a strange phenomenon for Taki.

6. Beastars: Legoshi And Haru Are An Unorthodox Pairing

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

Beastars is one new anime to come out within the past 5 years. While the idealogy of an anthropomorphized animal society is far from unique, Beastars manages to impress with its grounded sociological dynamics and refreshingly authentic character types.

5. Naruto: Minato And Kushina Brought Sensitivity To Naruto

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

 Kushina falls in one of these usual archetypes for female characters, her relationship with Minato brought a sensitivity and compassion to the Naruto world that still managed to feel unique. This pair defined the Naruto series and became one of the most iconic couples in only a few short moments.

4. Bloom Into You: Yuu And Touko Explore The Complex Nature Of Love

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

Bloom Into You is a yuri anime that follows an aromantic young girl as she slowly grapples with the affection of one of her upperclassmen. Yuu is a painfully relatable character for anime fans who don’t feel and can’t understand the romantic attraction.

Bloom Into You tackles complex character dynamics, balancing the delicate emotions of a partnership between two people who want vastly different things from each other. While Yuu and Touko’s partnership feels troubling at times, it never loses its sense of authenticity or commitment to the character’s realistic feelings.

3. Naruto: Minato And Kushina Brought Sensitivity To Naruto

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

I wish we got more of Keiko and Yusuke. They have a really great dynamic and I like them a lot as a couple. I know she was a non-combatant and Yu Yu Hakusho was very action-oriented, but it would’ve been cool if she could’ve played more active roles later like I feel like she did in the first couple of arcs

2. Steins;Gate: Okabe And Kurisu Overcame Their Differences

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

This is the story of two scientists who couldn’t be more different, with one having a true academic background and the other having been through the wild internet world. But together they overcame those differences and formed an iconic pair that anime fans love.

1. The Garden of Words: Yukino And Takao

Top 10 Coolest Anime couple

I’m kinda tired of hearing this, it’s not the typical “romance” film you’d expect but the story here, of two people “saving each other”, was implied with the undertone of “love”. Don’t discredit one for the other when the movie is actually made with both of these themes intertwined. Takao loved her from the very start of the movie and for Yukino it was gradual but she was holding herself back and appropriating because of being his school’s teacher.

Imagine if this was a movie about Takao with another male teacher instead of Yukino, the whole movie’s perspective is changed into a sort of dry “effects of bully and abuse” film (not really beautiful now eh ?). Love or in other words the “companionship” they had is like the Soul of this movie which makes it beautiful. So, it’s disappointing seeing one-sided opinion coming from the understanding that the movie is only about loneliness or the other end where it’s only about romance. You can’t polarise this movie.

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