What do Indian people think about anime?

I believe the primary distinguishing features between the two require a third element in order to validate it. Those three elements are ANIME, CARTOONS, and LIVE ACTION. What is the difference between anime and cartoons is the first question that comes to mind for Indians. yes Indeed then let’s see what exactly the difference between them is.

What do Indian people think about anime?

How are cartoons and anime different?

What do Indian people think about anime?

Anime, are a mixture of cartoon and serious live-action. It addresses the gritty realism of live-action shows by utilizing potentially controversial topics. But by drawing them with animated characters we can disassociate real life from the events we witness. In order to address serious topics, however, it cannot use characters that are unrelatable. Due to this, the anime meta are human by design but disproportionate to reality. We can relate more to these characters visually, but still, get disconnected due to their animated nature.

What do Indian people think about anime?

Cartoons are simple creations. The world is easy to understand, the events are not complex of deep, and the biggest clincher is physics. Most characters can perform dangerous tasks with little concern as they are MALLEABLE (possibly wrongly spelled…ly). This means that their bodies can change dramatically with no consequence whatsoever. Due to this nature, they don’t suffer bleeding or bone breaking as much unless it is for a comical effect. We cannot truly relate to these characters or worlds, because they are so abstractly designed from what reality is.

So, the prime difference between Anime and Cartoons is that the subject matter is presented differently. With the inability to get truly hurt, a cartoon character could not convey a scene of recovering in a hospital; at least not as much as anime can.

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question:- Why do most Indian people, not like anime?

There are many reasons for it. First and foremost is ignorance, Indians are very ignorant about anime they think of it as some ‘kids stuff’ like cartoons which is actually false. Over the years Indian television has fed the audience with those ‘stuff’ only, so naturally, audiences have developed this kind of mentality. On the contrary, Anime is very content-rich and highly mature. Another main barrier is language, in a country like India where over a hundred languages are spoken having content in a foreign language is just too hard to digest for the audience, think of it if you go to a restaurant where the whole menu is written in Japanese, will you be able to order anything (you’ll just switch the restaurant) similar is the condition with the Indian audience. Indian television has always delivered anime on a tight budget result being not able to gather enough audience and eventually leading to the closing of the anime project. Last but not the least and rather very crucial factor – Censorship, what should we say about it? They have even ruined some quality movies because of it and with them editing the anime all we got was garbage.

question:- How popular is anime in India?

In India, anime is growing popular very slowly. people in age around 16 – 25 commonly just watch it as time pass. most guys think anime is cartoons even though they never watched it. one problem which is every anime fan faces in India is the Indian mentality toward anime. my own friends say i am childish bcoz I watch anime. they think anime is like Chota bheem and Bollywood movies. the problem with the slow increase in popularity is no legal sites, no channels on tv for streaming, and no DVDs or Blu-rays in stores. I am a user of Crunchyroll and I am so sad that I can’t watch most of the shows due to licensing issues with India. when I tried to buy anime merch from just they said they don’t ship in India due to fraud. as for the anime industry in India first we need to get people more educated bcoz anime is not available in Hindi if they do dubbing is shit.

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